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Deftmanship is an established events organisation made to bring people together for an experience beyond festive occurrences. Our well thought and orchestrated events are focused on specific groups, or made for everyone.

MadeWithLove wellness day did not only introduce the brand Deftmanship. 

WeCare (An incentive for you)

Let us help you treat your employees
to some quality time!!!

Have your employees kept the ball rolling and is your company still functioning like nothing has changed since the shock brought about by Covid-19. To accommodate the changes in events management. We want to help!

Are you looking to redesign your event culture to meet the needs of your staff? It is, however, time to make that move with Deftmanship.

We acknowledge a socially demanding society in today's era. Hence, we encourage positive relationship between employees and the organisations they belong. This culture is key to our corporate events and other events. Rituals that are embedded in an event that promotes social impacts.

We remain at your service in the planning and the delivery of your events for the good of all attendees. 


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Deftmanship Team

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